Blood & Gold

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A second adventure for private investigator George Zakiris in crisis-torn Greece. Athens. Autumn. The start of a crazy week for private investigator George Zafiris. On Monday a friend is killed by a hit and run driver. On Tuesday the body vanishes. On Wednesday Zafiris begins to ask questions, and on Thursday the first death threats are made. By Friday things are starting to get complicated. A brilliant young concert violinist disappears, quickly followed by her husband. The police seem to be co-operative, but everywhere Zafiris looks, he finds obstructions, dishonesty, mysterious delays. As the country's debt crisis takes its toll on the people of Athens, suicides and illness proliferate. Zafiris finds his own life spinning dangerously out of control. A few days in an ancient monastery on Mount Athos seem to offer some respite. But there's a surprise waiting there too.