Broken Heart

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FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF RICHARD & JUDY THRILLER PICK NO ONE HOME**LONG-LISTED FOR THE CRIME WRITERS' ASSOCIATION IAN FLEMING STEEL DAGGER AWARD** Lynda drives to a secluded beauty spot on the Somerset coast. CCTV watches her arrive, but never sees her leave. She is never seen again.

Her sister calls missing persons investigator David Raker. For him, the mystery of where she went is only the start. The real question is why a woman with no reason to run would choose to leave her entire life behind?Missing and presumed dead, only Lynda knows the truth .

. . Was it her decision? Or did someone make it for her? 'In Broken Heart, Weaver moves up a notch - to excellence.

I can't remember a thriller containing so many twists and surprises. It grips from the start' The Times, Book of the Mont