Disney Frozen Annual 2021

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The epic icy magic continues with the Frozen Annual 2021, featuring both Frozen and Frozen 2! The Frozen Annual 2021 is the perfect gift for fans of Anna and Elsa. It features entertaining stories, colouring and activities based on the best bits from the original Frozen movie together with the exciting new story of Frozen 2, together with games and puzzles about Frozen 2, which was released at the end of 2019. Frozen appeals to both girls and boys from age 3 upwards, with consumers loving the appeal of the magical stories, the epic music and the well-rounded characters, lead by sisters Anna and Elsa, both strong, modern female characters, fully capable of taking on the world by themselves.

The annual provides hours of magical entertainment and makes an excellent gift at Christmas. Little fans will not want to let the Frozen Annual 2021 go