Giants And The Joneses

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A giant-sized adventure story from bestselling author Julia Donaldson. Every giant knows beanstalks and little people don't exist. Almost every giant, anyway ...

When Jumbeelia's curiosity leads her to a real-live bimplestonk at the edgeland of Groil and down, down, down into Colette, Stephen and Poppy's lives, the children find themselves in BIG trouble! They're desperate to get home - but it's not easy when even the wasps are giant sized! This upside-down fairy tale is perfect for fans of Roald Dahl and David Walliams, as well as children who enjoyed The Gruffalo when they were younger. Julia Donaldson was a previous UK Children's Laureate and has been honoured with an MBE. 'The Giants and the Joneses had humour, suspense and an invented language that enthralled me' Evening Standard