Jumbo Joke Book For Funny Kids

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This bumper treat combines the funniest material from Jokes for Funny Kids: 6 Year Olds, Jokes for Funny Kids: 7 Year Olds and Jokes for Funny Kids: 8 Year olds. Why did the music teacher carry a ladder around with him?To reach the high notes. Why did the cookie cry?Because his father was a wafer so long.

I'm giving away a parachute... ... No strings attached.

My dad got me a dictionary for my birthday... ... I still couldn't find the words to thank him.

Packed with gigglesome gags, witty one-liners and classic knock knocks to use on friends and family, this book is guaranteed to have readers and listeners in fits of laughter. Each joke is accompanied by a lively and humorous illustration, taking entertainment to the next level. Easy to read and full of endless fun, this is the perfect companion for young jokers