Power Rangers Beast Morphers

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2021 Annual featuring everything there is to know about the Power Rangers Beast Morphers series, packed with puzzles, activities, stories, trivia and more! The Power Rangers are back! And this time they are powered with Morph-X - a super substance which can create sustainable energy for the whole world! But energy this powerful attracts evil and the Power Rangers must battle to keep the Morph-X safe from an evil computer virus and his generals. Each Ranger has been created with animal DNA so Red Ranger is super-fast like a cheetah, Blue Ranger is super-strong like a gorilla and Yellow Ranger is super-agile like a jack rabbit. Together they are ready to fight the bad guys to protect the morphin grid! Go, go Power Rangers! Check out our other Power Rangers Titles: Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sticker and ActivityPower Rangers Beast Morphers Pocket Puzzles