The Tales of Fluke and Tash in Egyptian Adventure : No. 2

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They're back! Having just returned from their first adventure with Robin Hood, Fluke and Tash embark on an exciting new adventure. 1274BC Ancient Egypt, home to the powerful Pharaoh Ramesses II - Pyramids, temples, camel racing and chariot battles - It's all here in their second time travelling trip together. There's no such thing as magic, right? I mean it doesn't really exist does it? Parents will tell you magic is all make believe, but hey, what do they know, and what if they're wrong...? Finding a dusty old suitcase hidden away in the wardrobe, they discover it has magical powers capable of time travel.

Follow Fluke and Tash in a series of exciting new adventures. With a time travelling suitcase, who knows where they'll end up next!