Very British Problems

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Watched in horror as someone helps themselves to the last roast potato?*Broken out in hives at the suggestion that you 'Introduce yourself...'?*Watched so much Brexit-related news that you've started shouting Order! ORDER! in meetings?. . .

then you may be suffering from VERY BRITISH PROBLEMSVery British Problems are sweeping the nation like never before. They are in our workplaces, in our homes, in our government buildings, in our schools, cafes, parks, rivers, cities, towns, villages, glove boxes, sock drawers . .

. Basically, they're inescapable. There is no vaccine.

There is no cure. So there we have it, we're stuck with the malady of Britishness for the foreseeable. Nightmare, isn't it? Ah, well.

Could be worse. Not quite sure how, though, off the top of my head. Any thoughts